Deacon Ordination: A Special Time of Worship

What a Special Night for "Set Apart" Men
This past Sunday night we enjoyed a special night of worship in the lives of several men in our church. During our time together four men were ordained into the Deacon Ministry serving at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. These men, Ken Davis, Steve Goolsby, Kerry Hale and Mark Young, spent a few minutes sharing their testimony and acceptance of this new call on their life by God. These men and the church were challenged by a very powerful message from Dr. Church Groover.
We also recognized Val Kelley and Ritchie Garrison for their long-tim service to Mt. Olivet Baptist and honored them both with the titles of Deacon Emeritus of Mt. Olivet Baptist. This is an honor bestowed upon men who have served the families of Mt. Olivet Baptist faithfully with dignity and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Also, we recognized and introduced Tim Everett into the Deacon Ministry of Mt. Olivet Baptist. Tim was previously ordained into the Deacon Ministry by a sister church in our community.

Deacons of Mt. Olivet Baptist Church are men who are set apart by God's calling to serve the families of the church, come along side and support the Pastor and staff while also representing the church and Jesus Christ in the world. This evening will be an event each of these men will remember for the rest of their lives.

Thank you for everyone who attended and helped to make this a very special evening for our church family.
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