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"Soul Food"
by Rodney Duckett on February 15th, 2024
The days of 7 inches of snow just three weeks ago are now becoming a faded memory.  However during those times when everything seems to come to a halt, God often provides opportunities to remind us of His goodness...  Read More
What Can I Say? : Part Three
by Rodney Duckett on January 31st, 2024
Today we come the end of our blog series “What Can I Say?”As we often get overwhelmed with the idea of talking to others about Jesus, it has been my hope that this blog series has illustrated to each of us that we are already on mission for Christ each day.Thus far we have discussed the following points:Remember - You have already started.Look for opportunities to mention Jesus.Pray before you mee...  Read More
What Can I Say? : Part Two
by Rodney Duckett on January 25th, 2024
As we continue our blog from last week, today I wish to share a few more ideas and hopefully words of encouragement  in your journey to “Making Disciples.”As you recall, a gentleman asked me and another pastor what they can say to their neighbor who is lost?  This blog series are some things we discussed with this gentleman and I believe we can all be reminded.In Part One of the series I mentioned...  Read More
What Can I Say? : Part One
by Rodney Duckett on January 18th, 2024
His question is one that I have heard many times and perhaps one with which you have been challenged from time to time. “I have a neighbor who needs the Lord, what should I say to them? I have invited them to church many times but they do not seem interested and have never taken me up on the invitation. I am concerned they are lost. I want to share my faith but I don’t know the words.”  Read More
70% of Pastor's Don't Have One of These
by Rodney Duckett on January 11th, 2024
I recently read a book entitled, “Replenish” by Lance Witt. In his book about Pastor Leadership he stated that 70% of pastors do not have .....  Read More