Advent at MOBC

Advent Time at Mt. Olivet Baptist is always an enjoyable time of expectation and preparation.  

The History and Origin of Advent

No one really knows when Advent first began. However, in the late 400s, St. Gregory of Tours wrote in the History of the Franks that St. Perpetuus decreed a three-week fast from the time of the feast of St. Martin until Christmas. Whether this was a new custom being instated or an existing observance being enforced. In 567 at the second Council of Yours, monks began to practice fasting on the first of December through Christmas day.

While many Greek Orthodox and Eastern Catholics still observe a 40 day fast, that begins November 15th, Western Christianity, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, began to observe the season of Advent from the fourth Sunday before Christmas through Christmas Eve. Today, many Protestant sects of Christianity have begun to incorporate Advent traditions into their Sunday services. Baptist, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Methodists, and other denominations have begun to observe the traditional Advent customs creating their own unique experiences and memories.
During the weeks leading up to Christmas, Mt. Olivet Baptist experiences Advent with a moment at the beginning of each weekly worship service on Sunday mornings.  This year our newly elected Deacon and his spouse are the hosts each Sunday lighting a specific candle.  Each candle will continue to be lit prior to following weekly worship times.  This culminates each year on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day with the lighting of the "Christ" Candle indicating that Christ has come.  

Each candle represents a specific theme for the church body to reflect upon during the time of preparation.  While more orthodox denominations have specific themes and a specific order, many of the other denominations use the time focus on other themes.  However, one will find during Advent the themes of Hope, Joy, Peace, Love, Comfort and Preparation are common.

This year at Mt. Olivet our Advent Sermon Series is "Comfort & Joy."  Our lighting of the Advent candle each week will include Comfort, Joy, Peace, Preparation and Love.  

Join us during this special time of the year as we prepare ourselves for the celebration of the coming of our King.  We gather for worship each Sunday morning at 10:00am at 7463 Hickory Ridge Road, Mt. Juliet, TN.  Everyone is invited.
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