The Passing of Rev. Billy Graham Marks the End of an Era in American Christianity

Just as many of you, I woke to the news that Rev. Billy Graham had passed away.  This is indeed as sad day in our history.  Rev. Graham has been known throughout the years a “America’s Pastor.”  Many individuals can trace their spiritual roots to the heartfelt plea of Rev. Graham to “Come to Jesus! Come to Jesus!”  I remember attending one of his crusades at the University of Tennessee football stadium when I was a young child with my family.  Many of us have been touched by his relentless pursuit to save the lost and his ministry.  My own ordination into the ministry is a short 5 steps away from Billy Graham himself as my former pastor laid hands on me, who’s pastor had laid hands on him, who’s pastor’s pastor was ordained by Billy Graham who laid hands on him. 

We truly have lost a spiritual giant of our faith.  As we mourn his passing, we also rejoice in the blessings of his life and that he is face to face with His Master.  Remember his family today and in the days ahead. Seek God in prayer today and ask God to raise up another to carry the mantle of Rev. Graham into this culture today!

I encourage you to visit the official memorial website to Rev Billy Graham at

May God Bless You,
Pastor Rodney


Falling In Love Again…

Most will never forget the feeling of falling in love.  How exciting, fervent and passionate.  However, 0ver time we can grow distant in our relationships. As time passes it can seem as if we are too busy, too tired or too involved in other things to be as passionate as we once were. Unfortunately, our relationship with Christ can experience some of the same fluctuations.  There comes a time where decisive action needs to be taken to reignite the passion that was once present.  “Falling in Love Again…”  is our current sermon series where we will look at those things in our spiritual life that need to be reignited for Christ and what actions must be taken to renew our love.